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Harvard Research Reveals a Fun Way to Be More Successful

If we know the intelligence and technical skills of an employee, we can actually only predict about 25% of their job success. 75% of long term job success is predicted not by intelligence and technical skills, which is normally how we hire, educate and train, but it’s predicted by three other umbrella categories. It’s optimism (which is the belief that your behavior matters in the midst of challenge), your social connection (whether or not you have depth and breadth in your social relationships), and the way that you perceive stress.”

When a local government’s very existence depends on its citizens breaking the law — when fines from ordinance violations are written into city budgets for the upcoming year as a primary or even the main expected source of revenue — the relationship between the government and the governed is not one of public officials serving their constituents, but of preying off of them. When the primary mission of a police department isn’t to protect citizens but to extract money from them, and when the cops themselves don’t look like, live near or have much in common with the people from whom they’re extracting that money, you get cops who start to see the people they’re supposed to be serving not as citizens with rights, but as potential sources of revenue, as lawbreakers to be caught. The residents of these towns then see cops not as public servants drawn from their own community to enforce the laws and keep the peace, but as outsiders brought in to harass them, whose salaries are drawn from that harassment. The same goes for the judges and prosecutors, who also rarely live in the towns that employ them.
Why we need to fix St. Louis County (via wilwheaton)


Justin Simien, director of Dear White People, joins Fresh Air to discuss his new film and what motivated him to make a satire about race relations and racial identity.  

Simien on how “white movies” are just “movies”

"[Recently] Hollywood has gotten more myopic and has to make very specific choices based on how they think the audience will respond when putting a movie through the production pipeline. It’s gotten real crazily bad, I think.

I think TV has gotten it right. Shonda Rhimes has figured it out, getting multiracial casts on television and appealing to everybody. It’s interesting because I haven’t seen that with “white movies,” which most people just call “movies.” They don’t just appeal to white people, it’s taken as given that a white cast represents everyone: A white male in a movie is an everyman type character, whereas a black man in a movie is a black character and it’s a black movie and it’s only for black people.”

'Dear White People': A Satire About Racial Identity Addressed To Everyone

Why 12-Foot Traffic Lanes Are Disastrous for Safety and Must Be Replaced Now

On city streets, most drivers ignore posted speed limits, and instead drive the speed at which they feel safe. That speed is set by the cues provided by the environment. Are there other cars near me? Is an intersection approaching? Can I see around that corner? Are there trees and buildings near the road? Are there people walking or biking nearby? And: How wide is my lane?”

Two Teenage Girls Have Invented the Most Powerful Video Game of the Year

"Unusual video games that challenge social norms — and the fact that a pair of young women built Tampon Run — are a powerful reminder of the opportunity in tech and gaming. Males and females play video games about equally, yet video game developers are 76% male. The Entertainment Software Association’s 2014 report offers some interesting statistics on who gamers really are.”

How Videogames Like Minecraft Actually Help Kids Learn to Read | WIRED

Unschooling parents already know this because we live this! My son is an avid gamer and he has learned so much from his experiences. Things like history and mythology, spelling and grammar, mathematics and logic, plus leadership skills when he leads online raids - often with players much older than him. Gaming has helped open up the world to him!

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