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Sweet deal via the Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore in Asheville - 2 new-to-us sofas (1is leather!) for only $330 total! We also got a cute 5-drawer wooden dresser for $35 & 5 nice beer glasses for $6. It was a bargain hunting win today!

So, guess what happened just before 10 am. The fire alarm activated, warning of us of a possible fire incident. After a few minutes the alarm tone shifted into a higher pitch and it was announced that we needed to evacuate. Turns out it wasn’t a test. They had a kitchen fire. Kimi had gone up to her room (we were in the library eating breakfast) and we knew she would think it was just a drill and not leave, due to the notices. Phil sent a text and fortunately she found a staff member ushering people out (although the staff member insisted that it was still just a drill to all of the guests and took them out the wrong way). Eventually we were told it was safe to return and Kimi found us. Who needs coffee when you get this kind of excitement? #unschoolersontheroad #backpackingEurope #england

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